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I enjoy photographing a wide range of subject matter using techniques and materials that seem to fit the mood and the final image... I find great interest in "alternative" equipment and find that my methods and approach is becoming more in alignment with these obscurities... that being the likes of the pinhole, holga, diana and coated glass/tin plates.

The methods that most have deemed "alternative" or "obscure" have become a normal part of my vision process. I have found great rewards in working within these realms and find that the "standards" of today leave me with a void, too fast, too automated and very little physical interaction... it seems the catalyst of my creativity stems from simplicity.

My main activity is enhancing my own personal portfolio and working toward presenting images from it several times a year. In the near future the release of my upcoming publication "Detroit in Decline" will be the mainstay of my showings and I will dedicate the majority of my regularly schedules online gallery updates to the images that grace the pages of this book.

I will continue my regular course curriculum at Midwest Photographers Workshops to help others develop a personal style and not fall restricted to the fast paced world of technology. My courses will be tailored to helping students and photography enthusiasts understand that simplicity is the mother of invention... if you are looking to push the limits of creativity and develop a unique personal style please visit or contact me for more information regarding my upcoming courses.

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All Rights Reserved 2007 Michael Pavlov Fine Art Black and White Traditional Photography
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